Practical example

Market launch of a new financial product

Phase I. | Briefing and Initial Audit

It makes sense to involve RuppertiPlus even when a new financial product is just being thought about. We can inspire and provide the initial audit – with that invaluable external view.

Phase II. | Analysis and Development of Running Theme

We use in-house concept papers, typically PowerPoint presentations, research papers and concrete term sheets to build up an overview of the function of the planned financial product and compare it with existing solutions in the market. We work with our clients to develop the individual running theme for the new product.

“The objectives may differ, but in general the key issue is to produce the most simple and plausible argument to sell the product. Deciding on a name can also be part of this phase. Unnecessarily complicated explanation is usually rejected while the central statements are honed and polished.”

Christian Puth

Consulting, RuppertiPlus

Phase III. | Designing the Presentation

Figures, tables and charts are distilled to their most meaningful content. Central functions of the product are supported with illustrations and pared back as much as possible to a simple explanation. This is how a story of 80 to 100 concept charts can turn into a story of 20 charts.

CD Conformity – of course

When developing content, of course RuppertiPlus automatically matches it to your Corporate Design – unless you tell us not to.

„We are often given access to the client’s brand portal so we have constant access to amendments to design specifications. Alternatively we might just be given the relevant information about Corporate Design as a PDF. This allows us to directly absorb updated design specifications when we are reworking content or designing new material. That saves both time and money.“

Rainer Rupperti

Consulting | Executive, RuppertiPlus

Phase IV. | Delivery to Client with Update Option

Once the story is in place, RuppertiPlus gives the client a complete sales presentation to use with in-house sales teams or external distribution partners.

Optional | Design of Additional Media

RuppertiPlus can also handle additional sales documentation such as folders, brochures, educational videos, email newsletters, etc. which can add impetus to sales activities.

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